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About us


Evergreen Yoga is an organization that grows, evolves and is being nurtured through the yoga philoshophy. Yoga is a holistic tool of psychosomatic development, through which the practitioner produces changes on many levels towards the realization of their true self. Evergreen Yoga approach yoga as a life tool, a process that can become part of everyday life, leading people in a direction of greater consciousness and awareness.

Our studios are specialized in Vinyasa yoga; a yoga kind that brings together breath and movement, preparing the body and mind towards a certain peak pose. It is a dynamic yoga practice which, through the continuous flow of the breath and movement, introduces the practitioner to a state of moving meditation that purifies body and mind. 


Vinyasa yoga is a modern expression of traditional hatha yoga, that suits to the western spirit. Change is rapidly experienced and yoga benefits are soon reflected to the body and the mind. Suitable for strengthening, relaxation, flexibility, concentration, breath improvement, Vinyasa yoga can replace any other form of exercise , while offering all the benefits of yoga.


Expanding human consiousness


Our Story

Panos Katsandris is the founder, vision holder and head teacher. He created the first school in Athens back in 2012. Today, the Evergreen organization consists of a group of many more teachers and one more school in Nea Ionia. Evergreen's venture culminates in our yogic center, the ashram, an eco-village in the pristine forest of mount Kallidromo in Fthiotida, where educational programs, seminars, and other events that refer to the connection between humans and nature are hosted.

Meet the Teaching Team

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